Black Sheep


Amber & Fruity


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By using the best quality ingredients and the traditional Yorkshire Square fermenting system, we created a light, clean drinking pint with plenty of bite. From its humble beginnings we're proud to say that Black Sheep Best Bitter is now one of the best-selling session beers in the country and by far the biggest selling beer we produce. Although we now produce Best Bitter on a national scale, we still use time-honoured traditional brewing techniques and the highest quality ingredients to create this archetypal Yorkshire bitter which is undoubtedly one of the finest beers of its type. Aroma Fuggles hops against a malty background. Taste Peppery hop in the mouth with a long, bitter finish. A classic well-hopped and beautifully balanced beer with a deeply satisfying and refreshing taste that is followed by a distinctively dry and long bitter finish. Best enjoyed in true Black Sheep style, through a rich, creamy head. Food and Beer Pairing Best bitter is the perfect accompaniment for lamb and other tender, tasty meats. The bitter flavour of the Fuggle hop lends a peppery characteristic which really complements full flavoured meat. Ingredients We use Maris Otter malted barley, the 'Rolls Royce' of malts. Although more expensive, an impressive 9/10 blind taste tests will identify and prefer beers brewed with Maris Otter. Best Bitter uses a blend of whole hops including Challenger and Progress hops with Fuggles as the main variety which gives the beer its bite and characteristic nose. We believe it's important to support these classic English hop varieties. We need to encourage young hop farmers to plant these old varieties and there is a danger that the English hop industry will decline without the support of breweries like ours.